The Guild

Welcome to the website of Ravenous, a Guild on the MMORPG FallenSword.
Guild members, use the tabs above to browse the site and find the information you need.

Guild Guidelines

1. No begging: It is not polite and will not be tolerated.
2. Be active: Try to train and level up regularly to help the Guild advance.
3. Help: Always try to help your fellow Guild members with advice, buffs, joining Group Attacks etc.

Guild Donations

Donations of Gold to the Guild pay for the hourly upkeep of all our structures which give bonuses to every members stamina, stats and enhancements. Please pay your fair share. Gold donations also pay for new structures, upgrading of structures, hiring of mercenaries etc.

Donations of FSP(FallenSword Points), although not demanded, are greatly appreciated by the Guild. they allow us to upgrade many things: structures, member space, larger group attacks, store space, and much more. To see the full list just click "Guild" then "Upgrades" when you are in game.

Guild Store

All items which are bought/donated for the Guild will be guild tagged so they cant be removed. As we have limited space, the only items which should be added to our armory should be Legendary, Super Elite items etc. You can view all our Guild items by clicking "Report" next to the Guild Store.

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